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Welcome to Tax Debt Help provide a network of tax related law services geared to assisting taxpayers get relief from past due federal taxes. If you owe back taxes or want to settle your federal tax obligations, contact us for a free initial consultation! We can help you resolve your problems and find relief.


Fort Collins, Colorado is a beautiful and wonderful place to live and work. It offers everything from world class restaurants to ski resorts. Plus it has a thriving arts community with museums and performance venues. Visit our Fort Collins Tax Debt Attorney if you are having problems with the Internal Revenue Service or just need some general tax advice. He will work with you to resolve your issues. If you are looking for a Fort Collins Tax Debt Attorney, check out Defense Tax Partners website at for your Free Consultation!


One of the unfortunate facts about the United States tax system is that we as taxpayers are subject to audit by the Internal Revenue Service. Our tax attorney will explain to you how the Internal Revenue Service goes about auditing. Audits are very common and are only done periodically. However, if you have made a mistake, the IRS can and will send you a notice of audit requesting that you pay money you owe in taxes immediately. The government is not looking to collect money; they are looking to collect penalties and interest. You can only be proactive in making sure you pay what you owe.


If you owe taxes and you want to avoid an audit, you must make sure you know how much you owe and when you owe it. Be sure to keep a good record of all correspondence with the Internal Revenue Service. Some taxpayers may inadvertently send extra money to the IRS instead of the original amount due. If this happens to you, contact your tax lawyer immediately. He will be able to assist you and help prevent further IRS action. This could mean the difference between appealing an adverse decision by the Internal Revenue Service and paying a large fine!


There are many things that the tax debt attorney can do for you. He can file your taxes if you have already filed. If not, he will also file the appropriate paperwork so that you pay your taxes on time. If you owe money to the IRS but don’t know how much, your tax debt attorney can give you the accurate figure. The tax debt attorney will also negotiate with the IRS to agree to a settlement that is agreeable to both sides. (The IRS is usually very happy to settle a large amount rather than be on the losing end.)


Tax attorneys can save you money. When you hire one, you are typically represented by one attorney who will represent both you and the IRS. This will save you on filing fees, making tax filing less of a hassle. And it ensures that you pay only what you owe!