Tax Relief – The Role of an IRS Lawyer

When you need to settle your back taxes or file an audit request with the IRS, you will probably need to contact a Fort Collins, CO tax lawyer. He can help you decide whether to go with an Offer in Compromise (OIC), or if you need to file an Indemnity (IA) or a tax settlement (TC). When an individual or business files an OIC, it is often easier for him to pay his back taxes and avoid fines and penalties. However, an IA or a tax settlement usually does not solve your problem. The IRS might not agree to compromise or reduce your debt, and you will probably not be in a position to pay all of your back taxes in a lump sum.


If you have decided that you want to do everything you can to resolve your tax situation without making any sacrifices, you should consider contacting an experienced Fort Collins, CO tax lawyer. There are many professionals who specialize in representing individuals and businesses like you. If you decide that an OIC is right for your particular case, you will need to prepare all of your paperwork and documents in order to send them to the IRS before they start the audit process. You will also have to make sure that you fully understand the terms of any contract you sign with the IRS so that you do not end up owing additional money. It can be difficult to deal with the overwhelming tax liability when you don’t know what to do.


You may choose to file a bankruptcy tax liability, which will completely wipe out your entire debt. If this is the case, your Fort Collins, CO tax lawyer can help you find a payment plan with a lower interest rate to help you get caught up and back on your feet. While you may not be able to pay back all of your debts without sacrificing your home or other property, you can seek a payment plan with the help of a professional Fort Collins, CO tax lawyer who can work with you and your tax liability to come up with a payment that is manageable.


Your Fort Collins, CO tax attorney may also represent you if you owe a tax bill that is simply too high to handle. In some cases, there simply is not enough money to cover your tax liability. If this is the case, you may be advised to file for bankruptcy, which can be a drastic solution. With the help of a Fort Collins, CO lawyer, you can weigh your options carefully before deciding on the best course of action for your financial future.


Your Fort Collins, CO lawyer can even help you if you are currently behind on your taxes, but you are not sure how to pay them back. The IRS can issue penalty fines and interest charges until all of the back taxes are paid. It can be a stressful situation to face, especially if you have just received a large tax bill. Even if you are not in dire straits and can afford to make your back taxes payments, a Fort Collins, CO tax lawyer can make sure that you are properly prepared to face whatever penalties come your way.


The IRS can also garnish your wages, seize property, and even place you in jail if you are unable to pay your delinquent taxes. Without an attorney to help you with these issues, you could face criminal charges. Not only can you avoid having to deal with these problems, but you can get back what you rightfully owe your IRS problem. If you are already behind on your taxes, the best thing to do is consult an experienced Colorado tax attorney who specializes in working with individuals and companies who owe the IRS money. In no time at all, you will be able to repay all of those back taxes and start living again.